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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Backseat Chronicles I

Ok so tonight Abbey and I were going to meet up with my sister in law and her daughter to decorate at a retirement home but I got hung up at work so instead I took Abbey out to eat at Panera and then to Starbucks. On the way there we were discussing if she was on Santa's naughty list, I asked her about her day because I knew what had happened at Kallies. She said she was good and did not do anything bad, then I asked her if she tipped a chair over and had to go to time out. She got really quiet and said "well yes, that happened" she said she went to time out and was better. I said well do you think that you should be on the naughty list then if you had to go to time out? She says "hmmmm, well no, because you know why Mommy?" I said no and she said "well Mommy sometimes mistakes happen" and that was the end of the conversation! She was very serious.

On the way home we were at a stop sign and she said to the other car "hey dude watch out" then she said haha I just said "dude"! She is hilarious!

The following is Abbey telling us stories in the truck on the way home from Florida- I had my laptop out looking up traffic maps because we had hit a dead stop in Georgia so I started just typing word for work what she was saying, please enjoy! I know we did!!

***Straight from the backseat, right out of Abbey's mouth****

Sleeping beauty came in to my room and told the dwarfs they could not come in. And Belle came in and Snow White came in and told the dwarfs no don’t come in. Belle let the beast come in and finally Princess and the frog came to our house because she was so beautiful. She was dancing and singing with me, we were playing hide and go seek. The frog was playing with the girl frogs. Then princess and the pauper came in our house with the cat and the dog. Princess and the pauper danced with me and she went to sleep in your room b/c they were tired, but the Beast didn’t. He just falled asleep out in the other room. In the living room. Where all the couches is. And on the floor. He didn’t eat Zeke, he just ate my horse. Don’t laugh. He woke up and played candyland, and all the princesses played candyland and I did not like the Beast. The beast and the princesses all danced with me and princess and the pauper danced with me. Sleeping Beauty and snow white and the dwarfs did not dance with me bc they were too little, too small to dance with me and they were too small to pick me up. They were too small I could not pick them up they were kind of big. The dwarfs ate our dinner. They shared my dinner with me, we ate fish. The beast ate crab because he likes crabs. He goes to the beach to find seashells to eat them. Then he jumps on the waves like I do. Then Cinderella danced and played hide and seek with me. Belle dances with me, Belle ate crabs with the beast. I shared my crayons with Belle, crayons are to write with. I am sharing my bracelets with everyone.

Favorite thing about FL was NOT driving and playing with the princesses. The real princess came with me today and tomorrow. We went to Walmart, all the princesses got some gas for us to drive. Sleeping beauty drives and Cinderella sits down and not drive. The beast stayed home with Zekey, he did not go somewhere. He went somewhere with Zekey- they went to walmart with us. They were buying food. And the beast farted.

I was scared of the real dinosaur. Here come the pretend spiders, hide!!! Cause here they come. They are coming to eat us, Daddy eat them hurry hurry, eat all of them. Here they come again.

Once upon a time there was a princess and all of the princesses ate dinner with me. They had a snack and lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful snow white lived in the forest and the mean grumpy one lived with the prince. Two dwarfs went up the stairs and gave snow white the lamp. A white lamp. Snow white said thank you. The dwarfs gave her a diamond, the prince said snow white lives happily ever after the end.

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