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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Lesson in Tattle-ing

So we have been working with Abbey on being a tattle tale when it comes to Kate. She is very quick to point out when Kate does something she is not supposed to, so we have been having the tattleing discussion a lot. Well tonight as Abbey was getting ready for bed she had to go to the bathroom so bad she was holding herself and dancing around and for some reason darting in and out of the bathroom instead of just going. Well she peed all over her hand and all over the floor and her panties, and she was embarrassed. I went in and she was talking very quietly and saying "mommy I peed on my hand, and the floor and my panties" She then looked at me with huge pleading eyes saying Mommy please don't tell Daddy. She then told me if I did tell Daddy that I would be a tattle tale ! Also that it is not nice to tell on people!

So then we went in the living room and Shane was watching a show about the plagues in Biblical times and Abbey got all excited to watch a Jesus show. Apparently the other day Shane was watching a "Jesus" show and Abbey said that she did not want to watch it because Jesus was going to die. Then a few days later she came to Shane and said she not afraid to watch a Jesus show and that she knew he was going to die. Doesn't this just make you wonder what really goes on in their little minds? Amazing.

Also a big thank you to those of you who pray for our family each day I truly feel your prayers and I love it. Keep on praying!

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