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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wow its been a while! Sorry about that!

Quick updates- We are going to Disney Toy Story on Ice this Saturday so we should have pictures! Abbey keeps asking if it is Saturday yet. Abbey has taken to eating whole apples- the entire apple- we have to monitor her very closely or else she will make it all vanish- very quickly!

Kate- growing like a weed (well both girls Abs is now in a 5t, and Kate is borderline 2t/3t)! She has also peed in the potty quite a bit at Kallies, not so much here b/c she is afraid of our big toilet! We are getting a seat this weekend for her.

Here is a "conversation" Abbey and I had in the car today-

Abs: Do you know what a conversation is
Me: Yes, do you
Abs: Its what people do
Me: Yes, you and I are having a conversation, we are talking- it means to talk iwth someone
Abs: Do you know what talk back means
...Me: Yes, do you
Abs: Yes it is not nice
Me: You do not talk back to Mommy do you?
Abs: NO Mommy we are just having a conversation.....
Priceless moments!!

The pictures below are of the clothes my supervisor at work gave me- 4/5 clothes for Abbey! Yay she has pants that fit now- but my supervisors daughter said she wanted to meet the girl who was getting her old clothes- so the closest I could get was taking pictures so she could see Abbey LOVING her new clothes. She was very excited and kept saying everything I pulled out of the bag was beautiful, or cool, or pretty!

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