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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Gross, but I still kiss her face!

Kate has an obsession with baby spoons, she can't reach the drawer where they are in the kitchen so she stands there and says "baby 'poon, baby 'poon" until we give her 2 of them. She likes to carry them around and pretend to feed her babies and herself. Well Shane found her walking out of the bathroom this weekend, 'poons in hand and one was in her Shane went in and found a trail of water from the toilet to the hallway. She had been dipping her 'poons in the toliet and then to her mouth!!! Gross. I still kiss her mouth everyday :)

Abbey has been doing really well with learning her letters, she can even write her name! She did this all by herself, I did not even have to tell her how to spell it- she knew all of the letters!

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