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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey Stranger!

Well well well I actually decided to try and start blogging again- I know shocking! I was thinking I would do a long detailed reason for my hiatus but I decided to spare you all of the boring deets and just summarize!

Since December I had been in a funk of sorts- I say funk because I would not really classify it as a depression but I just had a lot of "stuff" pile up all at once and it knocked me on by behind in a quick minute. So I had to work with my doctor and do something about it- luckily we have it under control and life is trying to get back to what we would call normal!

Then there has also been the fact that I have been sick quite a bit this year with sinus infections, ear aches, headaches etc. I think we are finally getting somewhere with all of this because my doctor ordered a nasal CT on Monday and then the clinic at work tested me for Mono because I guess I am presenting with all of the symptoms- who knew kissing all of those random people would come back to bite me!? I am hoping to have results this week or early next week. To top this week off Kate puked at daycare and could not go back for 24 hours so I guess it was kind of nice because this week has been so hard for me at work- I am just exhausted! So I have stayed home with Kate today.

I have found that I can't be still. I have to be doing something when I stay home during the day- so today I have scrubbed the bathroom, did two loads of dishes, cleaned out my summer clothes and organized my closet, washed my sheets, and started another load of laundry!

Oh I also have a new cooking obsession- roasting veggies! It brings out so much of the flavor! Earlier this week I made a great pot of roasted tomato soup- wait back up- this was the 2nd pot because the first pot I made I accidentally left out on the stove all night so I had to toss it. I think I shed a tear or two over that one. So this time around I made sure to put it in the fridge! But I had two red peppers to roast to put in the soup so I also did that today. If you have never roasted a red pepper for goodness sakes stop what you are doing and run out to the store or your garden, grab yourself the prettiest red pepper you have ever seen and go roast him! The result will be just short of heaven I promise you! I then pureed them up and put them in the tomato soup that will be dinner tonight! Yum-o cream of roasted tomato and red pepper soup and BLT's!

So there you go- in a nutshell life was just crazy, I got sick maybe a little lazy too! During the course of all of this one of the people I held dearest to my heart passed away as well. My Grandma Stewart passed away on April 19th so that was a really sad time for me. I know where she is now and I know she is in no pain so that makes my heart happy. I know she used to love to read this blog and see the pictures of the girls.

So I hope to be more regular with my postings and updates/photos of the family. I will try to get some updated pictures of the girls on here- they are SO big now! I will also try to update as to what has been going on in their lives- they are crazy and smart and beautiful!

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Sandy Longstreth said...

Love roasted veggies too! We do carrots, beets, fingerlings, sweet potatos, parshnips, rudebegas...basically all root vegetables. Scratch that, ANY veggie! AND this is how I made all of Ethan's fruit and veggies! So much better than steaming! Glad you are feeling better, Brooke! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!