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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yum Yum Yum

Tonight I made a fantastic dinner- it had Gruyere, spinach, zucchini and some other yummy stuff and the girls ate every bit of their dinner!

Here is the link in case you want the recipe I did have to make a few changes- I did not have whole milk so I subbed some half and half and heavy cream and then about 3 cups 1 percent milk. I also did not get shallots, actually I have never cooked with shallots- I need to, but I just used a red onion. Then I could not find Gruyere for under $17 for about 8 oz- I dug my heels in and said "oh heck no" to that price- it was even at stinking Walmarts! I left the cheese cooler shaking my head in utter disgust and drove on over to Kroger where I found a smoked variety. It was superb and the dish was a hit!

I also made my own herb and oil dipping concoction- the kind you get at Carrabbas but I think mine was a step up. Very very good. I sure am glad we all like garlic in the Zimmerman household!

I am still battling something in my throat/sinuses. I went to my family doctor Friday and she gave me a steroid shot because she thinks it is all related to allergies. It was kind of comical because I asked where I would be getting the shot, so I could mentally prepare myself you know, and she informed me it would be best to get in in the hip/butt area. Her reason was that since it is a steroid shot it can potentially "melt" the fat around the entry point and cause a divet I promptly said "Oh yes let's go with the butt area, there are enough divet's back there no one will ever be able to tell" ha! She just kind of giggled and did not know exactly what to say. I laughed. So I still have a sore throat- but I do not have mono, an abscessed tonsil, or strep.

I went to see The Help with my lovely sister in law Friday night and it was as great as I thought it was. I will say that I am an oddball when it comes to movies that are made from books. I typically do not get mad that the characters are not at all what I pictured or that the story kind of strays or puts in additional stuff that wasn't in the book- so with that being said I am pretty easy to please! Also if at all possible I wait until the cast of characters is final before I read a book being made into a movie so then I already have the characters in my head! So to summarize this movie was worth my $22 last night!

Today has been very productive- I made our fantastically yummy dinner, some dipped pretzels, homemade salsa, chopped some extra basil I had laying around and made basil cubes (put it in ice cube trays, froze and will use in soups/sauces later), and finally some french onion soup. Oh I lie, I also boiled some corn that I got for a dollar at the fruit stander (Abs calls it that) and cut if off the ear and froze it. I love to be in the kitchen cooking it is a stress reliever.

Shane just looked over and asked what I was typing about and I told him and he asked if I was about to type that I have the best husband ever, so yes I guess I will type that- I have the best husband ever.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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