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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13

I am thankful for forgiveness. I yelled at the girls tonight and made them cry- not like I can't have my way cry like my mom is crazy cry. There may or may not have also been some throwing of clothes from a laundry basket that someone has yet to fold, oh ok fine there are two laundry baskets, in an effort to find a rainbow shirt that Kate had to wear to bed. Anyway I lost my temper and yelled to loudly and scared them both, they started crying then tears welled up in my eyes and it went down hill quickly. We recovered nicely and I got them to bed with little to no tears. I did take time after we all settled down and sat down and prayed for patience for them and for me outloud with them. I also told them that I should not have yelled but neither should they. Ay, Ay, Ay why does parenting have to be so darn trying sometimes. I try to remind myself that these days are rare and we have WAY more good days than bad but boy these days really get you down.
I also sat down and look up some parenting verses in the Bible and asked that God help me parent when I started to spiral out of control. This is something I am working on and obviously need more help. So pray for my sanity and patience.

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