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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 14- I am thankful for having a hobby! I love being crafty and making things for people and preserving my family memories! I just need to find more time to do it!

Day 15- I am thankful for a family with a sense of humor. You can't get through the tough times without a little humor here and there...let me tell you we have that covered! Luckily my girls have picked up on it too!!!

Day 16- I am thankful for a wonderful childcare provider. I have no worries dropping my girls off (ok Shane does that most of the time- I get pick up duty mostly) I know that they will be loved and well taken care of. Amy does an amazing job with the girls and they always bring super awesome projects home! The girls love going and have made new friends!

Day 17- I am thankful for Netflix streaming- I know it is trivial but on a sick day with a little one who does not feel well Dora on Netflix with no commercials is awesome!!!

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