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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The reason for the season

Hello Family and Friends-

It is that time of year again that the extended Zimmerman family reachs out to a less fortunate family in need. If you remember earlier this year I stepped out of my "own little world" and started to help a family in need that I drove past almost every day for the last 2 and a half years now. Below is the link if you would like to read about my initial contact with the family.

The Zimmerman family has been helping them for the last few months with getting day to day groceries, prescriptions and gas. We have also contacted our church, The Creek, and there is a ministry there that is also reaching out to them.

Normally we pick a name from a giving tree, the Lords Pantry or some other organization that assists families in need during the Christmas season, this year we know the family personally and it means a lot more to us. We have each helped other families this year through work, daycares, etc but we would like to pour our hearts into this family this year. We would like to ask for any one who wants to contribute to do so. I know that we were OVERLY blessed with everyones response last year and we would love to have that response again. What a joy it is to know that your money is going to someone that really needs things. This family does not only need Christmas gifts this year but they need day to day items, personal hygiene items, food, help with bills to keep the electric, water and gas on.

I ask that if you are interested in helping by sending money that you address that to me and mail to my home: 5429 Armstrong Ct Indianapolis, IN 46237. If you would like for it to go towards a specific need please write that in the memo- I will then call the electric company, water or gas company and pre pay their account. Or if you would like it to buy Christmas dinner or just for gifts please let me know and I will accommodate that to the best of my ability. I am lucky to have my small group of Beth and Kristy my sisters in law and best friend Sherry helping me coordinate this. We really want to show Christs love to this family so any thing you can do would be greatly appreciated. If you do not feel that you can contribute financially please pray for the cause and for those that are able to give that they are blessed this Christmas season!

Here are the sizes and requests from the family- I know some are a little extravagant but I told them to tell us what their big wishes were- it would be awesome if we could get them! If you have anything used that you would like to donate we will totally accept that as well. Also they are open to homemade meals- just keep in mind that they do not have a stove/oven right now. Only a microwave, crockpot, electric skillet, and toaster oven.

Wish lists:
Teenage Daughter age 14-15
Nintendo DS 3D
CD Player
Anything Lady Gaga
Jogging Suits-
socks underwear
Sizes 18w pants
xl shirts
size 9 panties
8 shoe
40 d bra
The teenage son 16-17
wrestling stuff (wwe or whatever it is now!)
Greenbay's QB stuff Aaron Rogers
Game system
sizes- 36x30
xl shirt
11 shoe
The mother- pine scented candles
Colts stuff
Lotions and body sprays
sizes- 20-22
46 dd
9-10 shoe wide width needs to be the orthopedic type i think.

Again thank you for taking the time to read this and please pray about your decision to help and do what you feel you can- anything is appreciated!

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