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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do you have a little extra this year?

I know I haven't written in a long time but I thought this was an appropriate reason to blog again.  As many of you faithful readers may remember my story of introducing myself to a homeless woman I drove past downtown for TWO years.  Yes it took me two years to work up the courage to talk to her.  Sad looking back on it now and knowing how much she needed our (my small bible study group) help.

If you don't know the story you can find the original one here-

And then this is a post I published last Christmas about helping her-

So a quick update- My friend is still in the same house however my church and small group have provided some things to make life a little easier- we were able to get large heaters and electric blankets to help keep them warm.  We were able to fix their washer and find a used dryer and fix the breaker box so that they can now do laundry.  She has a car, although not reliable, and is able to make it to food pantries on occasion.

She has been approved for medical disability however she has discovered that she has many new medical problems.  She did get good news about dental coverage and she will be able to proudly smile again with the help of a great dentist who said he could help her.  Believe it or not she does smile a lot despite her situation.

The house still has a lot of problems, mold in the basement, drafty doors and windows and just plain run down.

This year I lost contact with her in August but I called her the week after Thanksgiving so we have been able to help with groceries and small necessities.  We are able to provide Christmas dinner and gifts for her and money so that she can go Christmas shopping for her children and pick out gifts herself- something she hasn't been able to do for years.

I asked her what she wanted for Christmas for herself and she said one thing- new bra's- she hasn't had a new one in over a year which would be the one we bought for her last Christmas.  I can't imagine wearing the same bra everyday for a year but she has.  She hasn't bought new clothes even from Goodwill since last year.

I am asking for donations of clothing for them- can be used but in good shape.  Below you will find their sizes.  I am also asking for anyone who would like to donate send me prepaid gas cards- she desperately needs to be able to get to Gleaners but isn't able to because of gas.  She is still standing on the same corner she has for the past 3+ years.  What she collects goes into her car for gas and to buy small amounts of food for her family and her medicine.  I would also ask for prepaid Visa/Master Cards.  That way she can buy clothes, medicine, groceries etc.  As I have said I have known her for a little over a year and I do not blink an eye at giving her cash because I honestly do not think that she uses it on drugs or alcohol.  She is a woman who has ended up in a really tough situation and right now I just feel that God is calling me to love her and provide what I can for her.

I know that this year we are lucky to have a little extra and we have been able to help out others in need, do you have a little extra to give?  If so and you would like to help my friend out please contact me via email or on Facebook.  If you would like to send me something in the mail please do so at 5429 Armstrong Ct Indpls IN 46237.  If you have donations that you need me to pick up please let me know.

I pray that you feel called to give this season even if it is not to this cause- whether it be monetary, your time, or your prayers.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  God Bless

Sizes Needed-

Sizes 18w pants
xl shirts
size 9 panties
8 shoe
40 d bra, socks and underwear

pants sizes- 36x30
xl shirt
11 shoe

sizes- 20-22
46 dd
9-10 shoe wide width needs to be the orthopedic type I think

I know that the Mom and Daughter have also asked for candles (pine) and lotions and body sprays (they will take used!!)  We all know how nice it is to smell good :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

First day of preschool

So today was Abbey's first day of preschool! When I went in to get Kate up she came over to me and said "I am going to miss Abbey today" it almost started the waterworks! Abbey has been a constant companion for Kate since day one so I expect this to be difficult for Kate :( but the good news is that when Abbey is not at daycare Kate will be the oldest child so I think that makes her feel really special. So far no tears from anyone but this has been hard, I have always been able to text, cal or get a picture update on the girls and today I can't!! I am counting down the minutes til 3:30 pick up time!!! Abbey was very excited and ran away from Shane and I as soon as we signed her in the before school care!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in the saddle again

Hi-  So rather than play catch up for the last year or so I am just starting fresh again.  I like blogging and just need to make more of an effort to post just once a week.  So for now I will get some pics up and give a quick update as to what we are all up to.

Abbey- she will be 5 at the end of August and will start preschool this week!  She will go 3 days a week and stay at our in home provider's house the other 2 days.  She is super excited.  She will also be attending her very first sleepover with friends this month!  She is growing up way too fast!  We will be having a Glam Girl party for her 5th birthday- nails, hair, makeup, glitter you name it!

Kate- oh Kate, she is quite the character.  She is straight up 3 years old for sure.  She is showing some jealousy about Abbey going to school but that will mean that she is the big girl at daycare for 3 of the 5 days she is there so I think that will really help her.  Kate gets to also attend her first sleepover this month with friends- the benefits of having an older sister is that she gets to do things at the same time as Abbey!

Shane- Is keeping busy and traveling a lot with his new sales position.  The girls are doing better each time he goes away.

Me- Wow this last year has been rough I have had multiple sinus infections and just been pretty down and out in the sick department.  Luckily I found a great ENT and last week she performed some surgeries that will hopefully help me out- I had my septum straightened out, turbinates reduced, and lots of infected and swollen tissue removed from my sinus cavities from all of the previous infections.  Let's just say this recovery has been way worse than I had anticipated!  I am such a wimp.  I had surgery last Wednesday and today is the first time I have really felt somewhat good, not great by any means but at least good!  I have a constant headache and pressure but that is what I am supposed to be feeling- I go to the ENT for my post surgery follow up on Thursday and my stints will be removed.  From what I hear I am very lucky to not have had my nose packed and only to have stints.  Thanking my lucky stars for that right now!  I will then resume weekly allergy injections, something that I had started just before I found out I was pregnant with Kate.  This will hopefully prevent the sinus infections once I get myself built up to the allergens.  So it seems I am on the mend but I will be off work for a few more days for sure seeing as I can't make it for more than about 3 hours before I need a nap!

 The girls and their friend Ava at VBS
 Kate relaxing on the back deck

The girls actually getting along

Playing house

My sexy presurgery socks

Ah a great post surgery pic!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today we went to the Rookie Run which is part of the 500 Festival activities in Indy and the girls ran in the race- they completed 2 blocks and they each got a medal!  Here they are running the last leg of their race about to cross the finish line!  It was a good time for sure!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Lots of pics from Kate's birthday and the circus

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eye doctor trip

So this weekend Shane and I noticed Abbeys eye turning in so we made an appointment with the eye doctor. He confirmed what we saw and that she is farsighted. She got to pick out glasses and did really well. She even got her eyes dilated and was a champ! She has her eyes closed in the smaller purple frames because those are the one she chose but I took the pic after she had her eyes dilated! They gave her some super cool paper sunglasses too!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


The girls got some mail from Grandma Ginger and Grandpa Bryan! Thanks :)

My mom taught the girls a cool trick!

They had a lot of fun doing it for Daddy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The girls wanted to show off their rockstar moves!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So it was about 50 the other day so we played outside a bit. Kate still can't pedal this! The other picture is of what Kate wanted to wear to bed- a swim suit, a nightgown, and gloves! She is crazy.